This Saturday the Train of Salt will be free for all visitors to Atanasovsko Lake!

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Due to the great interest in the Salt Train, this year the hosts of Black Sea Saltworks AD will launch a special line from the pools with lye and mud to the museum of Atanasovsko Lake, salt and birds - "symbiotic", and vice versa, so that those wishing to take a ride and enjoy the traditional transport in and around the lake. The line will be open from 17.00 to 19.00 this Saturday and will be free for all guests of the Fair.
The event will be combined with the birthday of the maintained Atanasovsko Lake Reserve - this year marks 41 years since its announcement, so the owners of the reserve from the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water - Burgas will provide the traditional big cake for the holiday.
Atanasovsko Lake is included in the upcoming Burgas Festival Weekend with a special event, which will be held on Saturday, August 14, from 17 to 22 hours. The Salt Fair promotes the natural products of the salt lagoon and the lake - as a source of Bulgarian table salt and other raw materials with added value. For the guests of the event will be presented the different types of Black Sea salt and its way to our table. Visitors will be able to buy freshly collected "white gold", cosmetics with lye and Black Sea estuarine mud, artisanal chocolate with a flower of salt and souvenirs related to the favorite lake. The team of the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation will demonstrate how to make summer pickles only with salt and vegetables. For the young guests there will be scientific activities related to the salinity of the water in the various pools of the lagoon, observations of the salt crystals and the salt rock, as well as an art workshop for painting with salt.

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