Give yourself a sea voyage with the ship "Anastasia" to the Cultural and Tourist Complex "Chengene Skele"

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This Saturday, August 14, the ship "Anastasia" will go on a different sea adventure in the Burgas Bay. At 10.00, 13.30 and 17.00 passengers will be able to enjoy a wonderful trip by sea to the Cultural and Tourist Complex "Chengene Skele" - the newest tourist attraction of Burgas. The complex is located next to the fishing village of the same name and in it, in three exhibition houses, the fishing occupation and traditions are presented. Visitors will be able to see close anchors, oars, nets, small fishing tackle, as well as learn about the craft of knitting nets. The complex has a cafe, barbecue area and a small beach nearby.

Departures will be made by "Magazia 1". The price for a two-way trip by ship: BGN 14 for adults, BGN 10 for students and pensioners, BGN 3 for children from 3 to 7 years old.

For more information and travel reservations: 0882 004 124.

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