The festival "With a book on the beach" awaits you from August 11 to 15 near the Expocenter "Flora"

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Interesting new titles for young and old will be presented at the festival "With a book on the beach". The event will be held from 11 to 15 August, with working hours from 09:00 to 21:00.
The stands of the publishing houses participating in the festival will be arranged on the alley in front of the Flora Expo Center, and meetings with authors and book presentations will take place on an open stage right next to them.
See the program of the festival!
11.08 / WEDNESDAY /
11:00 - The author Gergana Decheva presents: "Orange Forest";
12:00 - "THE WHITE BEARDED NARRATOR" - a book with four fairy tales for children, author: by Prof. Hristo Santulov (professor of philosophy), ed. "The Storyteller";
18:00 - Concert of the group "Hot Sand";
18:30 - Presentation of "The Secret of Vulchan" - author: Magda Borisova, "Libra Scorp";
19:30 - Presentation of "Salt Molecules" - author: Kaloyan Hristov and its editor: Dr. Ivan Hristov from the Institute of Literature at BAS, IC "Signs".
12.08 / THURSDAY /
11:00 - Virtual presentation of the novel "Matches" - audio, print and electronic format - author: Stana Apostolova; IC "Stelapro";
17:00 - Poetry of Burgas authors - with a multimedia presentation in French;
18:00 - "Follow the rhythm - Let's dance Burgas";
19:00 - Presentation of "Letters of Omar to his future wife" - author: Rene Karabash, Janet Publishing House 45;
20:00 - Presentation of "White and black keys of my life" - second part, author: Stefan Diomov, IC "Signs".
13.08 / FRIDAY /
11:00 - The City of Skateboards - a fairy tale series about Good Deeds, Harmony and Smiles; Eco Kids EOOD Publishing House;
17:00 - Childhood - Emily Grossholz - evening of the translator Katerina Stoykova, IC "Signs";
18:00 - "The Face of the Enemy" - author: Dimitrina Sabcheva, ed. Uniscorp;
19:00 - The Sensitive Olga Tokarchuk - presented by the editors Nevena Dishlieva and Ina Ivanova, ed. ICU;
19:30 - "Toast" - a concert of the Burgas State Opera.
14.08 / SATURDAY /
10:00 - "For the master of colors" - a book dedicated to Bulgarian artists for children, author: Vladimir Dimitrov ed. Art For Amateurs;
11:00 - "Uana. A Maritime History ”- author: Lili Spasova, ed. "The Storyteller";
18:00 - "Children's tales with Maya Bezhanska" - literary reading, ed. "Tale mailbox";
19:00 - "For the birds and the letters" - Dr. Gina Dundova - Pancheva, IC "Signs";
20:00 - "Lolita from Reduta" - author: Marin Urumov, Unicorp Publishing House;
20:30 - Project: "Music without borders".
15.08 / SUNDAY /
10:00 - "Magicians in the village of bees" - author: Elena Stoycheva and Angelina Angelova - illustrator;
11:00 - "The Demon" from the series "Club of the Losers" - Philip Nedkov; Unicorp Publishing House;
18:00 - "Reports from nothing" - author: Nikolay Ilchevski, ed. Alitea;
20:00 - Burgas Music Festival presents: "Chopin Evening" - a concert by pianist Joanna Sochacka / Poland /.
The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the program, about which they will inform in due time

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