New exotic inhabitants in Burgas Zoo

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On May 23, on the occasion of the International Turtle Day, a giant tortoise of the African sulka breed arrived at the Burgas Zoo. It is naturally distributed in eastern Africa - from Egypt to South Sudan and Ethiopia. The tortoise is a male, his name is Raphael and he is named after one of the characters in the comic book and the film series "Ninja Turtles". Raphael's weight is 55 kilograms. It is 68 centimeters long, but will continue to grow. It is currently 15 years old, and the average life expectancy of this species is about 100 years. Sulkata is a thermophilic species. That is why a special room for the winter months has been prepared for Raphael from now on. He loves to eat spinach, cabbage and other leafy vegetables. Raphael is the largest sulka on the Balkan Peninsula.

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