Visits to the new library will be allowed until midnight.

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A new and exciting experience will be offered by the Library in a few days. / Center for Modern Art and Library /. Visits to the new temple of the book will be allowed until midnight.

The non-standard initiative starts on June 1.

 According to the idea of ​​the mayor Dimitar Nikolov and a conversation with the director of the cultural institution Yana Karshiyska, it is planned to increase the reading areas from the same date.

A "quiet" reading room will be set aside in the exhibition hall for modern art, and a summer reading room - on the large terrace next to it. The furniture and furnishings are to be rearranged so that those who want to read and feel comfortable.

The idea is for the regional library to switch to round-the-clock operation, as is the case in many European countries.

"Even today, during my visit to the Library, the building was literally surrounded by queues of young people, which is the happiest!", The mayor commented.

In addition to the book collection, they can also take advantage of the variety of digital technologies available in some of the halls.



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