The free initial sports trainings for the children from Burgas continue

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In 2016, Mayor Dimitar Nikolov demanded that sports clubs that use municipal facilities introduce free primary education for children. This program is still in effect today, so let parents get acquainted with its new parameters.

The aim is to provide adolescents with even more accessible opportunities to participate in physical exercises and sports, to improve their health status, physical and mental capacity, to consolidate their free time in a meaningful way. Another of the desired effects is the discovery of young and promising athletes, who will subsequently be encouraged in their development.

Taking advantage of this program, children can get acquainted with the various sports, with the conditions offered by individual clubs, and in the future to enroll permanently if they like.

The program "Motor culture, sports and health - initial training" is organized by the Municipality of Burgas in partnership with sports clubs with contracts with OP "Sports Properties". It is free for children who enroll.

In the attached PDF file you will find all the necessary information - which sport, where and when you can enroll your child. In connection with the observance of the general rules for anti-epidemic control, this year the submission of documents for enrollment in the program will be done electronically by e-mail:

If you have additional questions, ask them on tel. 056/530 176 between 10 and 14 hours.


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