Only in Burgas you will find a weekend with real robors and specially engaged places for spectacular selfies

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The bridge will be attractively lit again, tomorrow you will find out how.

For the second year in a row, the Municipality of Burgas organizes themed weekends to make the city even more interesting for its guests and residents. The upcoming one is dedicated to digital arts. The partners in the initiative BulevArt - Network of the Senses are also involved in its preparation. With the support of the Municipality, they organize a big "provocation" that will make you smile and make a spectacular, and if you want a crazy selfie. The choice is yours, the important thing is to have fun!

The coolest selfies will receive prizes! Read more here:

To inspire you, from Friday to Sunday we will arrange in a special way several landmarks in the city. Take pictures there, or wherever else you want (there are many special places in Burgas), and share the selfie with friends on social networks.

Here are the places where a special atmosphere will be created:

* "Holes" on the main street - from Friday will become a romantic setting for dreamers and friends;

* Papa beer on 1 Milin Kamak Street - photo with the Pope, but without Him, with colorful lights and mood;

* On the Clock - from Friday there will be a colorful shade with colorful surprises;

* Stage BulevArt, opposite the Clock - on Saturday and Sunday it will become a Robo scene;

* Cardamom Bar - the spicy spice on Bogoridi Street;

* Umbrellas on "Bogoridi" will become even more colorful with special lighting effects;

* We will find out how the Bridge on the Burgas beach will light up on Friday night;

* Expocenter "Flora" - flowers are the best decor for a photo.

Special participants on the Robo stage will be the alumni of the School of Robotics "Robopartans", who on Saturday from 10.00 to 18.00 will make a demonstration, and on Sunday from 10.00 to 18.00 will organize a Lego workshop where children will be able to participate in making a robot .

Other special guests on the Robo stage of BulevArt are the students from the Vocational School of Computer Programming and Innovation - Burgas, who on Saturday from 10 to 14 will introduce you to the humanoid robot Pepper, and on Sunday from 10 to 14 will delight passers-by with robotic demonstrations.

We use the occasion to remind that in the Burgas Vocational School of Computer Programming and Innovation, established on the initiative of Mayor Dimitar Nikolov, a new specialty is opened this fall - "Artificial Intelligence Programming". Anyone with an interest can apply.

Music on the digital weekend:

On 14.05.2021 - Bar Target - Ostava - live - 22.00

On 15.05.2021 - Papa beer-Craft Beer Bar - Kaloyan - live - 19.30

Several years ago, the Municipality of Burgas created the initiative BulevArt - Network of the Senses, which unites private business with the creative industries. It is developing successfully and its partners help a lot to make the city interesting and intelligent.

"Network of the senses" is actually a route with favorite places in Burgas.

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