From May 12 the Ethnographic Museum of Burgas will welcome its visitors in an old building in the Sea Garden

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From May 12, 2021 the Ethnographic Museum of the city of Burgas will welcome its visitors to a new address. This is necessary due to the planned conservation and restoration activities of the permanent building of the Ethnographic Exposition of the Regional Historical Museum of Burgas. The new home of the museum is an extremely beautiful old building, built in 1910 by the famous Italian architect Ricardo Toscani. Nikola Alexandrov, one of the mayors of the city of Burgas from the period after the Liberation, lived in it.

The house is owned by Grand Hotel and SPA Primorets and is provided for temporary and completely free use of the Ethnographic Museum: "When we heard that the Ethnographic Museum needs a new home, the idea was born and the house of Port came to mind Prim Art Center - an authentic place, part of the real old Burgas. Extremely suitable place to preserve and present the traditional culture and way of life of the city of Burgas. ", Commented by" Grand Hotel and SPA Primorets ".

Apart from being a place for presenting the exposition of the museum, all the materials from the fund storage of the Ethnographic Museum will be kept in the building.

In 2018, the building was renovated and became part of the cultural space of the city, under the name "Prim Art Center". From then until today, it has been home to a number of exhibitions of contemporary Bulgarian art, music events, literary readings and more. For several years in a row, the house was one of the special locations, part of the Port Prim Art Fest art festival, initiated and organized by Grand Hotel and SPA Primorets, with the assistance of the Municipality of Burgas.

In the new museum building it is planned to organize workshops, creative workshops, reconstructions of Bulgarian customs, as the teams of "Grand Hotel and SPA Primorets" and the Regional Historical Museum of Burgas express their intention to work together to organize specific events.

"We are glad that our guests from near and far will be able to touch the traditional culture and way of life of Burgas and the region, and only one step away from the hotel," added the team of Primorets.

The Regional History Museum of Burgas expresses its great and sincere gratitude to "Grand Hotel and SPA Primorets" for the outstretched hand and the full grant, especially in this difficult for all times of pandemic and economic crisis.

The Ethnographic Museum awaits its visitors at:

Burgas, 12-14 Knyaz Alexander Batenberg Str

Working hours for May:

Tuesday - Saturday: 09:00 - 17:00

Sunday: 09:00 - 14:00

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