Atanasovsko Lake poses a new challenge - "Treasure hunters: CODE SOLENO"

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For all enthusiasts and lovers of adventure Atanasovsko Lake poses a new challenge - "Treasure Hunters: CODE SOLENO". The project is of the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation and starts in Atanasovsko Lake near Burgas, which is an example of protected nature (reserve, protected area, Natura 2000 zone), within an intensive urban environment. This is the place in Bulgaria with the most birds - 333 species, but also with a relentless interest in building on the coastal areas.

"Treasure hunters: CODE SOLENO" aims in a new and innovative way, by searching for secrets with treasures of mysteries and educational elements, to promote the salty Atanasovsko Lake near Bourgas, by attracting, engaging and informing new people about this valuable natural area, the impact climate change and problems with its protection.

The project team has already toured the lake and selected suitable places to place the treasures. "This place is really remarkable. It starts literally from the city of Burgas and continues as a completely wild territory. Treasure hunt will be an adventure with interesting observations. Each treasure will be in the form of a hiding place (merging with nature or invisible at first glance) and its location will be described on a specially designed map of the lake. At each location, fun puzzles will educate seekers about the importance of protecting this natural area and the effect of climate change and excessive urbanization. "- Shares the project coordinator Peter Vanev from the BSE.

The initiative aims to attract 500 new visitors to Atanasovsko Lake during the active summer season. Once implemented, the project will be able to multiply in the area of ​​the other two Burgas lakes Vaya and Mandra. All secret locations will be uploaded to the global GeoCaching platform, which will attract foreign visitors. Follow our website - for details and we are waiting for you in the summer in Burgas, to study and have fun in the pink Atanasovsko lake.

The project is implemented with the financial support of the VIVACOM Fund in cooperation with the project GAME ON: Don't let climate change end the game! and the DEAR program of the European Commission.

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