A book for grandparents - the new initiative in Burgas

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The idea is to enable citizens of Burgas to make a small gesture to the pensioners' organizations in the city. Therefore, let everyone who wishes to donate from their personal library or buy a book especially for the initiative, which they can leave in one of the four separate places in the city.

The specially marked boxes of the initiative have already been placed in the building of the Municipality of Burgas, in the renovated Burgas Library, in the Writer's House and in Helikon bookstores. In this way, the collected books will renew the libraries of the retirement clubs to which they will be sent.

A message to the elderly can be left with the book. We believe that for the people who taught us to read, for our beloved grandparents, there is no better gift than a heart-shaped book.

Current titles, favorite authors, books that you recommend to friends - let the donated book have value for you.

The campaign will be active from April 20, 2021 to May 6, 2021.

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