The Frenchwoman Charlotte Eje presented her debut song "LONELY" with black and white shots from the Bridge in Burgas

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The song is based on the music of the beloved Penny Stavreva, the arrangement is by Ruslan Karagiozov, and the director of the video is Lachezar Avramov - the son of the pop legend Bogdana Karadocheva.

Charlotte Eje Sumash is a French woman who has been choosing to live in Burgas for the last five years. Thus, she added the surname of her husband - Andreeva to the French name. Her interests are focused on theatrical art, but her passion for music meets her with music pedagogue and popular performer Penny Stavreva. The artistic symbiosis between the two ladies can be felt from the very beginning. The creative tandem creates 10 songs. The idea for "LONELY" was born a year ago. This is the song that became a favorite among friends and acquaintances, which provoked them to record the song in a studio, and then create a suitable video for it. The second task is undertaken by the director Lachezar Avramov, son of Bogdana Karadocheva. Guided by the text, he chooses the coldest day in Burgas, the shots are in black and white, and the best location is the emblematic Burgas bridge.

"It's not an intellectual urge, it's the feeling of making music. We have ideas for new projects, we will record a duet with my participation. We will be very happy if the audience likes it ", shared the famous Burgas singer Peni Stavreva, wife of the unforgettable bard Plamen Stavrev.

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