Spring in Burgas Zoo came with new exotic inhabitants and a baby boom

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The newest in Burgas Zoo are a family of monkeys of the Capuchin breed, a caracal and a flock of mini sheep.
A family of Capuchins has arrived, who are already accommodated and enjoy various facilities for climbing, rest and entertainment. Monkeys of this breed are extremely social and playful. They are recognized as one of the smartest primates because of their high intellectual potential.

Among the new inhabitants is a young female caracal (also called Persian lynx) about a year old. He is the only one in Bulgaria. Females of this species are very beautiful and elegant. Their coat color is ocher brown to dark brown. And the ears are the most distinctive and characteristic element of the appearance of the caracal. They end with a black tassel at the end and make continuous rotating movements.

Among the surprises and favorites of the youngest visitors are the mini sheep, which arrived very soon at the zoo. Attractive animals are considered the smallest sheep in the world. They reach a height of about 50 cm. The herd consists of one male and three females, and they already have a small child.

Spring came with a new baby boom in Burgas Zoo. A baby lemur, a black mouflon, a ibex and a small ostrich emu were also born.

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