The photo exhibition "Treasures of Krakow" is arranged in the Cultural Center "Sea Casino".

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The photo exhibition "Treasures of Krakow" can be seen from today, April 12, in the hall "Georgi Baev" of the Cultural Center "Sea Casino". The exhibition is a kind of story about Krakow - the seat of Polish kings, the former capital of Poland, one of the oldest European university centers, a city of poets and artists, an important metropolis in Central Europe during the Middle Ages.

Visitors will see 90 works of art - architectural monuments and intangible cultural heritage sites associated with the city and significant because of their cultural value.

The exhibition is divided into eight chronological parts: The Beginning (before 989), Prince and Bishop (989–1257), The City (1257–1493), Prosperity (1493–1655), Decline (1655–1794), Spiritual Capital (1794) –1918), Short Century (1918–1989) and Epilogue (after 1989).

The history of Krakow is complemented by four more panels: Wawel Hill, the University, Jewish Krakow and Krakow Identity.

This is Krakow - a modern European city that uses the potential of its cultural heritage. In 1978, it was the first city complex included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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