Let's plant 1000 trees!

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Trees are the creatures that care about oxygen in our atmosphere the most. Without oxygen - there is no life. We sincerely hope for your support by participating in our endeavor for cleaner nature!

At the beginning of May 2021 we organize the first initiative of its kind for planting the first 100 trees in accordance with the flora, fauna and the area of ​​Lake VAYA and Mandra Dam.

The young trees will be provided by:

Burgas municipality"
Hikari Martial Arts Academy Hikari Martial Arts Academy
Burgas Lakes Fishermen's Association
The first of the steps to join the initiative is to state your wish through the contact form, which you can find at the end of the publication, to send us an e-mail: info@burgaslakes.com or to call: +359 886 401 777 .

Each aid will add a new sapling and the number will increase. Let us plant a forest that not only we but also our children are proud of.

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