Extend the old and build a new pier on the island of St. Anastasia

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The project for improving the conditions and safety when mooring on the island of St. Anastasia is underway. The simplest explanation is that the old quay wall is being extended by 10 meters, and at the same time another 40 meters long will be built. This will result in a pier closed on two sides and not protected by only one. We are now working on this part of the project related to electricity and plumbing. The modules are being prepared, which will be assembled on site for the construction of the new port. In mid-April, work will begin in the waters of the island. A floating platform will be used for this purpose.

Roughly speaking, work will be done under the Pharmacy, away from the Mushroom, which will not be affected in any way, as well as any other landmarks on the island. On the contrary - with the implementation of the project it is expected that its rocky base will be protected from erosion.

With the construction of the new port, the period for visiting the island will be extended. It will provide safer mooring, and in bad weather will be a refuge for small vessels.

Soon the island of St. Anastasia will welcome its guests again, observing all the requirements for disinfection and health safety. The Municipality of Burgas guarantees that the work on renovation and expansion of the port will not interfere with the tourist season at all, as it will be done mainly at sea.

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