Бургас - морската спортна столица на България

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With each passing summer, kitesurfing (from the English. Kite - kite and surf - surf) is becoming more popular and established among thrill seekers. Burgas provides very good conditions for the practice of extreme water sports for those who can not just lie lazily and aimlessly on the beach.

Kitesurfing combines a bit of wakeboarding, windsurfing, paragliding and is considered an extreme sport. The surfer uses the force of the wind to move on the water with the help of a powerful kite, which he skillfully controls. The kite is attached to the guide by a special belt with a hook (trapeze). Quite often surfers are lifted in the air over ten meters high and perform complex tricks such as turns, jumps and aerial acrobatics. There are different types and styles of riding among advanced and professional surfers: freestyle, freeride, speed, wakestyle, wakeskate, as well as all sorts of combinations with boards, even on land.

The lines below were sent to us by a lady fascinated by Burgas, a lover of kites.

"Hello! My name is Anya, I am from Munich and I had the pleasure to spend my vacation in Burgas - from July to mid-August 2020!
My motive: KITESURFING! 
Why Bulgaria? Of course, behind this is my friend Valentina! She is from Burgas and always showed me great things and photos, including the endless beach with many kites in Burgas!
September 2018 I was there for the first time in 10 days and I thought it was great, unfortunately we only had wind for 2 days, but other than that everything was perfect!
Sun, beach, nice people and good food and everything super cheap!
Last year I rented an apartment in #Burgas, in the “Lazur” complex for 6 weeks and the distance to the sea was 10 minutes! I had all the amenities on the kite place - I had a personal locker and I didn't have to carry everything with me. And the wind was just great for my 12 & 17 kites almost every day plus 30 degrees and amazing sun!
I came back to Germany really recharged!
I really liked Burgas and the surrounding area, you can take advantage of the great opportunities and conditions in the summer with KITE, cycling, wakeboarding, horse riding, skating, tennis or just relax on the beach and eat delicious food.
And a little secret from me: I'll be back!"

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