A talented Bulgarian dance k-pop group wins fans all over the world

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They are young, talented and from Burgas. They are the Countdown dance team. They are united by their common love for k-pop culture. And the result is several very successful videos on Youtube, participation in prestigious dance forums and many followers and fans of different nationalities in all social networks.

Their impressive videos were shot in beautiful places in the city - the Marine Station, the Congress Center, Troikata Square and others. Thus, in addition to their talent, the girls also promote their native Burgas.

Countdown consists of 26 ambitious dance artists - pupils and students. They have been training together since 2017.

 So far, they have won two 1st places at the International Online Competition for k-pop groups and 1st place at the Elite Dance Championship in Bulgaria. Due to the epidemic situation, the dance group is not able to take part in competitions this year, so their current focus is on creating dance videos. This includes everything - production, filming, processing and promotion.

They are unanimous that they want to improve more and more in the field of dance and never stop doing what they love.

See the talented group: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLI8b5BrAB4&t=3s

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