Customs and traditions at the beginning of the fishing season

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Along with the millennial experience of seafaring, customs, beliefs, rituals, which have become maritime traditions, are passed down from generation to generation.

If the weather is bad at the opening of the fishing season, no one returns home until the sea calms down.

The season opens with a holy water, which takes place on the pier where the boats are. The priest sprinkles all with holy water and distributes to each part of it. Everyone sprinkles their boat and nets with it. Part of the holy water is left in front of the home icon of St. Nicholas.

Nets for the new season start knitting only on Monday, and Tuesday is considered a very bad day.

Nets should not be crossed, even when knitting, merging or drying.

The first stack (arranging the nets in the boat) is made by a lucky person - who has a good catch, many children, a good family and a kind character.

At the first launch of the nets, a connection of basil, preserved from the Day of the Cross, is tied.

If a beautiful woman jumps over the nets she is lucky.

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