To preserve fishing traditions and customs

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The fishermen of "Burgas Lakes" are engaged in the task of collecting, processing and publishing various, half-forgotten fishing customs, ritual practices related to fishing, old fishing stories forgotten by generations.

Send us photos of your ancestors and their catch. The black and white photos you send us will be processed by a team of specialists, restored and republished. Let's keep the story of future fishing enthusiasts.

Share with us different recipes - Grandma's fish soup was probably the most delicious you can remember. Let's talk about the taste of roasted Black Sea mackerel, which has long disappeared from our shores, freshly caught mussels in a tin and garlic filling with duck - all forgotten and little-known recipes.

The most interesting photos and stories will be published in a specially prepared online catalog on St. Nicholas Day, December 7, 2021. The catalog will be divided into several sections:

Fishing customs, stories and traditions
The catch of our ancestors - photo gallery with old photos. Send us old photos related to fishing, photos of your ancestors who were engaged in fishing. The most attractive and interesting will be restored and printed in large format, will be shown at an exhibition on the occasion of St. Nicholas Day and the feast of Burgas.
Cooking - forgotten and little known recipes. To restore the culinary memories of childhood.
Send us your materials to e-mail:, through the Facebook page of the association or by contacting us via the contact form.

If you have photos or interesting stories that you want to share with us, our representatives can visit you and record the story, scan the photos and bring back to life what you forgot.

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