Let's spend a wonderful day in nature

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Join the Vaya Cycling March, organized by the Burgas Lakes Fishermen's Association and the Vaya Ecodiversity and Alternative Tourism Ecopark.

Great eco-initiative, suitable for beginner cyclists and families.

 The aim of the initiative is to show the beauty of Lake Vaya, the wetlands adjacent to the lake, to make each of you ride a bike and spend a nice day in the fresh air in nature.

The hike is suitable for beginner cyclists or for families who want to take advantage of outdoor sports. The distance we will cover will be 10 kilometers in one direction.

We start from the parking lot of Mr. Bricolage at 10.00 and we head to the Eco Park for Biodiversity Vaya. It provides recreation and walks, games and entertainment in the open air, access to nature and the many inhabitants of the park.

Part of the program of the bike ride has an eco-orientation - will be marked places with formed landfills around the fishponds and the shore of the lake. This will help to gather information to mark the areas that need cleaning. The Association of Fishermen "Burgas Lakes" takes the initiative to inform the state institutions responsible for the environment, organizing the next cleaning of unregulated landfills.

Due to the great interest and the many willing to participate, the bike ride will be escorted by the Traffic Police and Public Order for greater safety of the participants.

For each of the youngest participants in the bike ride are provided diplomas provided by Smart Design - advertising studio.

The Municipality of Burgas and Goto Burgas.com have provided prizes for the participants.

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