The Queen of Tarnovo is visiting Burgas

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A young and elegant man is returning from abroad to his hometown. "This son of a chorbadji, written off from the memory of the people of Tarnovo, was rumored to have spent bags of coins in the Parisian cafes and nothing was to be expected of him." Emilian Stanev again sounds extremely modern, not to mention that his gift is prophetic. After "The Peach Thief" and "Antichrist", he again presents us with a painfully topical problem - the "foreigner" in his own country. "Rubbed in the chandelier" of the West, the hero of Emilian Stanev finds it difficult to tolerate "oriental laziness and filth". With this he seems to justify his selfishness and arrogance. "Civilized" France has created certain love habits for him that he does not want to break. Slowly but surely, he turns the woman who loves him and is ready to be his maid in the home, helper at work, mistress in bed, mother of his children - into a prostitute, an employee of the brothel "Two Doves". As if to protect himself from her unconditional love, he flirts with the rich daughter and his patient. Thus two morals, two worlds collide. The notions of love in the civilized world and the simple folk ethics, speaking the language of nature, collide. Nature, which is above all of us.

The performance will take place on March 27 at the NHK Cultural Center.
With the participation of Elena Petrova, Mariela Topalova, Mariana Brankovanova, Tanya Karbova, Tsvetana Blagoeva, Veselin Borisov, Daniel Naidenov, Evgeni Stefanov, Nikolay Syarov. Start - 19:00. NHC box office opening hours: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Contact phone: 0876676675

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