In a few days Burgas will be immersed in the world of quality cinema

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The 19th Sofia Film Fest on the Coast will be held in our city from March 18 to 26
The program will offer fans of the seventh art a colorful palette of titles
 March 18, Thursday
19.00 Opening
"February", directed by Kamen Kalev, Bulgaria-France, 125 '
The guests are the director Kamen Kalev, the producer Filip Todorov and the actor Hristo Dimitrov - Hindo
March 19, Friday
15.30 The Pink Cloud, directed by Juli Gerbase, Brazil, 105 ’
18.00 "Before the End", directed by Eldora Traykova, Bulgaria, 54 ', documentary (Admission free)
The director Eldora Traykova and the screenwriter Asen Vladimirov are guests
"Luck", directed by Hristo Dimitrov - Hindi, Bulgaria, 40 '(Admission free)
The director and cameraman Hristo Dimitrov - Hindo and the screenwriter and actor Nikolay Fenerski are guests
20.30 “Fear”, directed by Ivaylo Hristov, Bulgaria, 100 ’
The guests are the director Ivaylo Hristov, the actress Svetlana Yancheva and the producer Asen Vladimirov
 March 20, Saturday
16.00 “Apples”, directed by Christos Niku, Greece-Poland-Slovenia, 90 ’
18.00 Undine, directed by Christian Petzold, Germany-France, 91 ’
20.00 Home, directed by Dea Kolumbegashvili, Georgia-France, 130 ’
 March 21, Sunday
15.30 “Living Man”, directed by Oleg Novkovic, Serbia-Germany-Bulgaria, 110 ’
18.00 The Man in the Hat, directed by John-Paul Davidson, Stephen Warbeck, UK, 95 ’
20.00 “One More”, directed by Thomas Winterberg, Denmark-Sweden-Netherlands, 117 ’
 March 22, Monday
16.30 Short Films, 44 ’
"Under one roof", directed by Simeon Tsonchev, Bulgaria, 25 ', color
"Quarantine", directed by Dimitar Dimitrov, Bulgaria, 4 ', black and white, animation
"Shells", directed by Slava Doycheva, Bulgaria, 15 ', color
18.00 "Scenes from the life of an actress", directed by Ivan Vladimirov, Bulgaria, 88 '
The director Ivan Vladimirov is a guest
20.15 “The Man with the Rabbit Ears”, directed by Martin Šulik, Czech Republic-Slovakia, 104 ’
March 23, Tuesday
16.30 Short Films, 46 ’
"Tanda", directed by Teodora-Kosara Popova, Bulgaria, 24 ', color
"Spell", directed by Victoria Karakoleva, Bulgaria, 17 ', color
"Love during tourism", directed by Vessela Dancheva, Bulgaria, 5 ', color
18.00 Susanna Andler, directed by Benoit Jaco, France, 91 ’
20.00 “Preparing to be together indefinitely”, directed by Lily Horvat, Hungary, 95 ’
 March 24, Wednesday
16.30 Short Films, 53 ’
"Good night, Lily", directed by Petar Valchev, Bulgaria, 24 ', color
"Who are you", directed by Milko Yovchev, Bulgaria, 16 ', color
"QUIET", directed by Veneta Androva, Bulgaria, 13 ', color
18.00 Life, directed by Georgi Stoyanov, Wojciech Todorov, Bulgaria, 103 ’
The guests are the director Georgi Stoyanov, the actors Ivan Burnev and Nadia Keranova, the producers Poli Angelova and Nikolay Todorov
20.30 “Treasures of the City”, directed by Szabolcs Hajdú, Hungary-Romania-Switzerland-Great Britain, 92 ’
 March 25, Thursday
16.30 Short Films, 51 ’
"Breathe", directed by Biser Dzhonev, Bulgaria, 20 ', color
Santiago, directed by Andrey Kulev, Bulgaria, 15 ’, color
"From Here to Here", directed by Georgi Martev, Bulgaria, 16 ', color
18.00 “German Lessons”, directed by Pavel G. Vesnakov, Bulgaria-Germany, 100 ’
The director Pavel G. Vesnakov and the actor Julian Vergov are guests
20.30 "Measure by measure - 2 series", directed by Georgi Dyulgerov, Bulgaria, 96 '(Admission free)
 March 26, Friday
17.00 "Measure by measure - 3 series", directed by Georgi Dyulgerov, Bulgaria, 104 '(Admission free)
Prof. Georgi Dyulgerov is a guest
19.30 Closing
"Petya na moya Petya", directed by Alexander Kosev, Bulgaria, 90 '
The guests are the director Alexander Kosev, the producer Nikolay Urumov, the screenwriter Nelly Dimitrova and part of the acting team.
 The screenings will take place in the Toncho Rusev Hall of the renovated NHK Cultural Center
Tickets are priced at BGN 8 for full-time students, BGN 5 for pensioners and students.
They can be found at the "Chasovnika" box office and at the box office of the NHK Cultural Center - one hour before each screening.

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