In the new library "P.K. Yavorov ”you can see how a frog dissection or brain surgery is performed.

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The new library "P.K. Yavorov ”in addition to hosting nearly 600,000 books, some of which from nearly 2 centuries ago, will surprise you with many new technological devices and modern solutions. Under the roof of the impressive building, the classic and timeless book and the latest generation of training and practical knowledge technologies meet in an interesting way.

The library team demonstrated to the mayor Dimitar Nikolov and the writer, geographer and university lecturer Georgi Bardarov various functionalities of the newly installed high-tech acquisitions. The biggest interest was caused by the hi-tec jewelry of the library - Zspace wall. It is among the newest and most successful devices for innovative training in STEM disciplines / Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths / Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics /.

The special educational modules that will figuratively expose the lessons as a hologram are in physics, chemistry and biology. The images are extremely precise and the demonstration lessons and simulations of experiments in a virtual laboratory will be available to students who will be preparing at the Faculty of Medicine. They will be able to see step by step how to dissect a frog or a complex surgical intervention.

The advantages of this new technology over the existing ones are indisputable, because it offers three levels of perception of the presented educational content - Virtual Reality, 3D and interactivity. All this creates an immersive sense of realism, which ensures memorization and much more effective learning of learning content - students have the feeling that 3D models are literally in front of their eyes and can interact with them in real time. The Z space wall in the library also has the full general education program of the Ministry of Education and Science - lessons in all subjects from 1st to 12th grade. The video lessons are in 3D format.

The mozaBook software, which is also available, allows you to expand the training toolkit with a variety of illustrations, animations and other presentation options. Effective interactive content and built-in skills-development, illustrative and virtual lab applications help increase student interest and knowledge acquisition.

In the children's section of the library there is another interesting device through which children will gain knowledge while having fun - this is the interactive magic floor Funtronic. It also has huge features that allow you to play a sport, football, for example, to burst balloons by jumping, or to participate in a quiz in Bulgarian and English on various topics and with a competitive nature. There are also applications for children with SEN.


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