"Pro-Leti - Bazaar for good things" will be held from today to Sunday on Akve Khalide

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For the children there will be workshops for martenitsas from the municipal enterprise "Sea Signs" and the well-known "Art-and-Facts".

You can learn more about the properties of the healing waters from the mineral baths of Burgas on Friday, February 26, from 16:00, in the shopping center "Akve Khalide". The assembly point is in front of the public fountain. While drinking from the water, Vessela Hristova will tell you what are the important characteristics of the local spring - mineralization, elements, temperature.

Although the mineral water from this place has been known since ancient times, there have been a number of cataclysms during the years of operation. Little is known about the fact that a century ago the city of Burgas was supplied with water from the mineral baths, and in the 90s of the twentieth century the spring dried up.

The lecture is the first focus of the three-day program of "Pro-Fly - Bazaar for good things".

In the last days of February, the Burgas tourist complex "Akve Khalide" offers an entrance for the museum exposition and a projection of 3D mapping for BGN 2 for all visitors.

Those of you who decide to spend the last winter weekend in nature can combine a walk to the park "Mineral Baths" with a visit to the historic landmark and the tourist complex. There you will find artisans and masters of handicrafts in old and new style - weapons, coins, leather accessories, jewelry, embroidery, candles, souvenirs, as well as drinks, honey and locally prepared dishes. Antique cuisine and Roman drinks, boutique kraft beers, fine vermouths and wines - classic and fruity, as well as other masterful surprises will await you at Akve Khalide over the weekend.

Workshops for candles, sand paintings, as well as the children's format Art-I-Fakti will be part of the three-day activities within the initiative "Pro-Fly - Bazaar for good things". The participation of the children in the Art-I-Fakti workshop gives them the opportunity to attend a free screening. For a fee of BGN 4 for one and +2 BGN for the second product, the children will make martenitsas and gifts for mom - a heart made of textile or a wooden star - a frame.

On Saturday, February 27, at 18:00, a concert of the group "Hot Sand" will take place on the open stage, and on February 28, Sunday, from 12:00, the local group "Vetrenski Slavei" will perform folklore program.


The event will be part of the program of the radio "Voice of Burgas".

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