Favorite flavors and aromas and delight for all the senses of Pro-Leti Bazzar for good things!

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Tatratea Bulgaria will offer its special alcoholic beverage, which is developed on the basis of natural tea extract, at the Pro-Leti Bazzar for good things!
It contains mountain herbs and pure water from the Tatras, and among the various species you will surely find a favorite taste and aroma.
In their holiday house you will find a variety of shots, the only handmade premium gin drinks of the Bulgarian distillery Rustic Reserve, as well as the perfectly refined vodka Czechoslovakia.
We will say goodbye to them with the different types of kraft beer on one of the jewels among the breweries in Bulgaria - Hills Beer.
The beer is unfiltered, unpasteurized and made entirely according to the German law on the purity of beer from the 16th century.

 At the Pro-Leti Bazzar for good things! we will also look at the beautiful things made with diligence and a lot of love.

Hardworking fairies "create non-traditional beautiful gifts and souvenirs, with exceptional innovation, avant-garde and eco-engagement. At their stand you will find cartoon cards, boutique martenitsas, polymer clay jewelry, eco hair bands and recycled Ashtrays of Fasnitsa. Not often included similar formats and Pro-Leti bazaar in Akve Khalide will be one of those rare cases in which to enjoy them live!

Workshop "Colorful" create skillfully with natural materials collected from nature. And the combination of epoxy and wood is just cruel! If you look at even the smallest piece of jewelry, you will see in it whole beautiful landscapes! Necklaces, pendants, wooden toys, various hair accessories in different colors will turn the stand of the "Colorful" into a real delight for the eyes!

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