Spanish dance courses for adults start at the NHK Cultural Center

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From March 10 in the halls of the Cultural Center NHK from 19.30 will start Spanish dance courses. The teacher will be Irina Dubrovina - teacher and performer of Flamenco, Rumba Flamenco and various Spanish dances, will introduce you to the positions of the hands, corporate and Zapateado technique of this passionate dance. This is a class that aims to develop the technical skills of dancers by placing their bodies according to modern requirements for Flamenco and Spanish dances.

The corporate technique explains how the body moves in the Flamenco dance, using the basics of classical dance. Works on body positions, flamenco hands, pirouette technique.

The Zapateado technique is the work of the steps or "how to knock". Develops the foot and the correct posture of the dancer's body, giving the opportunity to tap into the different rhythms and tempo of Flamenco. The Zapateado technique also includes rhythmics - the various flamenco rhythms, how to clap and how to create rhythm by developing the musicality of the dancers.

The classes are for persons over 13 years of age. and are organized by the Bulgarian-Spanish Cultural Center in Burgas "Estreya".

For the younger ones who want to learn the Spanish rhythms - from 5 to 12 years, classes will be held at the Youth Cultural Center on March 12 from 17.00.

Regular price: BGN 10; for 10 classes - BGN 95: for 20 classes - BGN 190

For Spanish dance classes, you can sign up at: or by phone: 0878988221

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