In the days from 26 to 28 February in Pro-Leti Bazzar for good things !, will visit a master - coin cutter

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Akve Khalide is a place that brings together the millennial past of ancient civilizations and empires.

Over the centuries, hundreds of thousands have passed through the local lands: generals, knights, emperors, sultans, skilled craftsmen and merchants. And everyone has left a piece of themselves.
It is time to mention that the richest collection of archeological finds from Akve Khalide is made of coins.

That is why, in the days from February 26 to 28 in Pro-leti Bazaar for good things !, we will be visited by a master - coin minter.
 He makes souvenir exact copies of antique coins from different eras, as well as rings and other interesting metal objects. Extremely colorful, Peter Petrov, also known as Petronius, will captivate you with his fiery stories of history and his cute pug, named after a Roman empress - Marciana.
 We will also have a real master blacksmith! For the first time the Burgas audience will get acquainted with the works of Emil Marinov - well known for his work throughout Northern Bulgaria. He is a goldsmith, a member of the Association of Masters.

Artistic interpretations, replicas of military equipment, helmets, knee pads, ritual vessels and various accessories to clothing and equipment from antiquity and the Middle Ages constituted

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