There will be a new park and sports complex in the Meden Rudnik residential area in Burgas.

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In "Meden Rudnik", on the site of the dried-up swamp near Bitaka, there will be a new park and sports complex.

The plot is located between two large residential areas of the complex. This makes future new acquisitions convenient for use by thousands of people.

The Municipality of Burgas has prepared a project for the implementation of this initiative. After meetings with residents of the complex and expressed desire on their part, Mayor Dimitar Nikolov ordered its redevelopment. It will not be time consuming as the base remains the same. The changes are aimed at increasing the green park part of the project.

The budget of the Municipality of Burgas for this year includes funds for the start and implementation of the first stage. The establishment of a park on an area of ​​several acres is forthcoming - with alleys, children's playgrounds and recreation areas.

At the next stage, a sports hall, a football field and a parking lot will be built on the territory.

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