February 21 - International Day of the Guide

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February 21 is the International Guide Day. The date was set by the World Federation of Guides' Associations in 1990. Initially, 15 countries took part in the holiday, and interest soon increased. Currently, more and more countries celebrate this holiday with various initiatives, many of which are for charity, such as free guided tours organized for the disabled, children, the elderly.

Today the profession is associated with the successful implementation of tourism programs. It is a regulated profession within the meaning of the Law on the Recognition of Professional Qualifications and the PA. According to the Tourism Act, a tour guide is a person who, on the basis of registration in the National Tourist Register, provides tour guide services to tour guides. During the realization of the program of the tourists, the guide acquaints them with the natural-geographical peculiarities, the social-economic development and the cultural-historical heritage of the country.

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