The future boat dock in the "Angle" area may be part of "Smart Suburban Island"

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The Municipality of Burgas is making progress in ensuring its project readiness to apply for European funding under the measure "Fishing ports, landing piers, fish markets and covered boat stands". As a place for construction of a future new facility of this type was chosen the area "Corner" in the land of "Sarafovo". In this place, in the coming decades, a new residential area of ​​Burgas is emerging, whose public infrastructure is now being considered.

According to the already approved terms of reference, the Municipality has designated an area with the working title "Smart Suburban Island". Part of it will be a protected boat dock with the main function to be used as a seasonal shelter for small fishing boats. At the same time, it must play the role of a shore protection facility, ensuring the improvement of the condition of the sea strip in the area of ​​the Solnitsa overflows. The facility will be designed to provide an amphitheater view of the area for culture and observation of marine areas. It will be reached by infrastructure for shared cycling and electric mobility. It is planned to implement a facility for providing alternative energy supply, as well as an ensemble of interactive devices and digital environment. Hence the name "Smart Suburban Island".

At the forthcoming session of the local parliament, preliminary decisions are to be voted on the construction of leading infrastructure and the allocation of land for the future public boat dock.

The facility could also become part of the overall concept for sea taxis, proposed by Mayor Dimitar Nikolov - small vessels to transport locals and tourists to various points in the Burgas Bay.

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