The comedy "Alaminut Live" is already in Burgas

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The popular sketch show will be played for the first time on February 27 at 19:00 in the NHK hall in Burgas. In addition to the names known on the TV screen as Robin Kafaliev, Tanya Kozhuharova and Atanas Bonchev-Nakata, the show will include their young colleagues from the Theater and Music Center: Ivan Ivanov, Rositsa Kehayova and Jacek Yankov, as well as the Dance Formation, as well as and the Band Orchestra of the Balkan Art Academy. All together they will incarnate in the chaotic-dynamic anthill called "Television". The public will witness a number of misunderstandings, blunders and misconceptions. In a word, a lot, a lot of laughter. Under the spotlight, accompanied by a cocktail of music and dancing, you will witness the inadequate absurdities of our own daily lives presented with pure, Bulgarian humor. And as the authors of the show themselves say: "When it comes to humor, we are not joking"!

Production team: Robin Kafaliev and Hristo Hristov, scenography: Teodor Daskalov.

Tickets can be purchased at the NHC ticket center from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00. or book by phone: 087 667 6675

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