Martenitsa - the magical symbol of spring

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Say "Happy Baba Marta!" With a martenitsa from the Natural History Museum in Burgas.
Traditionally, in the Natural History Museum in Burgas, over 20 types of minerals are used for the white and red tassels in various combinations. Combined in different ways, they bring their owner love, health, happiness or luck. For example, in the martenitsa for love, rose quartz is necessarily present. A tiger's eye will protect you from evil eyes, and the mountain crystal will give you good health.
The museum martenitsas can be found in the Natural History Museum in Burgas, 30 Fotinov Str., At the symbolic price of BGN 0.50 to BGN 1.00.

The working hours of the museum are from Tuesday to Saturday, from 9:00 to 17:00.

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