Do you want to propose marriage? Paul and Remi have a curious idea

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The famous couple, who in the summer enchants many hearts of Burgas with their beautiful sand sculptures, returned to Burgas. This is, of course, Paul and Remy Hogard.

They have been in the seaside town for several days now, using the good weather to decorate the beach with their figures. The theme this time is love, about Valentine's Day.

Two beautiful female figures are sculpted on the North Beach, and since yesterday they have made an interesting offer to fans to give their soul mates a holiday of love. A huge sign in the shape of a heart "Will you marry me?" "Waiting for those who want to propose.

We remind you that Pavel and Remi live in the village of Mikhailovo, Stara Zagora, but most of the year they travel around the world to participate in various festivals.

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