Looking for the most iconic quotations from BG films we will read them on the Burgas benches. Send us your ideas!

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Burgas has always been one of the most sought after destinations for recreation, entertainment, sports, recreational and cultural tourism. Here is another great idea that will make it even more interesting for us and our guests! 

For several years, the city has become the most sought-after location for filming. Burgas also hosts a number of film festivals.

This gives reason to call Burgas a film city. That is why we want to decorate his benches with the most memorable quotes from Bulgarian cinema and Bulgarian television. And the predicted effect will be great. We believe that many people will share on social networks photos of the inscribed Burgas benches and even more will want to see them with their own eyes.

Why the benches? Well, because they are a communicative place where many people laugh or cry, rest, think, read. Many girls were kissed there for the first time. Many young people have made their plans for the future of the park bench.

The first proposals are already a fact! Send us yours too - you can do it on the Facebook page of the municipal tourist platform Go to Burgas, so that we can remember them with nostalgia and a smile:


*ph: Maria Mihova


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