Colorful art mosaics will create the mood of the people of Burgas

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The human imagination is endless. Another incredible example in Burgas is given by Ivan Marinov, Kamelia Mindova, Mariela Benazova, Maria-Mihaela Kyorova, Presian Rusev, Tsvetilina Stoyanova, Victoria, Angel Kostov, Dimo ​​Dimov and Miroslava Stoykova. They are aged 10 to 21 and attend the Day Care Center for Children and Youth with Multiple Disabilities in Primorski Park.
Their favorite classes are those with art classes led by the Burgas artist Lora Yaneva.

Four panels measuring 2.5 square meters of colorful caps will make citizens and guests smile. The idea is to place the interesting "city paintings" in emblematic places for the city by the end of February, because they themselves will depict the symbols of Burgas - the Bridge, St. Anastasia Island, the Clock. According to rough estimates, between 13,000 and 15,000 caps will be needed for the four panels.

"I encourage young people to develop the skills they are best at - the application entertains them and time passes imperceptibly. Then comes the feeling of satisfaction when the picture is complete." - shares the artist Lora Yaneva.

The initiative is implemented with the support of the Municipality of Burgas.

Caps of soft drinks, mineral water, beer become unnecessary after consuming the products in them.

For these young people from Burgas, they turn out to be a valuable raw material from which beautiful mosaic images can be created, for which you would have a hard time suspecting what they are made of.

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