Burgas will have a new Cultural and Historical Complex

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Burgas will have a new Cultural and Historical Complex! "Chengene skele" is located near the "Kraimorie" quarter, next to the fishing village of the same name and the mouth of the river Otmanliiska. The site will present and promote the fishing craft and traditions. The complex will have a multifunctional hall, a cafe-club for sailors, exhibition houses-workshops for children, a park space with a picnic area and a playground, a promenade, as well as a square space with an amphitheater for small outdoor concerts. And the newly built boat dock will serve the activities of non-industrial fishing.

It will be reached by a second municipal ship, which is currently under construction. Thus, the "Anastasia" catamaran will continue to serve the route to St. Anastasia island, and the new vessel will travel to the ethnographic village.

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