Four routes around Atanasovsko Lake are already on the online map and await their visitors

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Attractive in all seasons, Atanasovsko Lake is suitable for hiking and biking tours. Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation presents 4 routes for individual visits, which are uploaded in Google Maps to provide an opportunity for anyone to get acquainted and take advantage of the detailed description, detailed map and even the indicated dangers along the way.

The four tourist routes for individual and group visits to Atanasovsko Lake give the opportunity to get to know the lake, to play sports and to see wildlife within the city of Burgas.

The routes are part of the activities under the project "Lagoon of Life" (LIFE17 / NAT / BG558).


Type: bicycle

Description: 30 km route that goes around the whole lake - from the Sea Garden, through the Southern salt pans, under the road clover and to the north along the lake and the Black Sea quarter. The route passes over the Atanasovsko Lake Reserve and reveals a view of its numerous inhabitants. Then it continues on a road through the fields all the way to the Kaufland store and reaches the southern part of the lake.

Increased attention to: cracking of tires; dogs in some places; exit on a second-class road with a lot of vehicles (in the summer).


Type: bicycle / pedestrian

Description: It starts from the Sea Garden (the parking lot of the restaurants on the promenade), through the railway crossing to "Lake" Park and passes behind the tennis courts. There is a suitable place to observe pink flamingos, pelicans, herons and more. Then along the alley of health and along the bike lane it continues to the exit of Burgas in the direction of Sarafovo quarter. It ends at the Path of the pied avocet Birdwatching Shelter (to the right of Lukoil's gas station), where you can have a picnic, watch birds and meet Atanas-the pied avocet, and his family.

Increased attention to: heavy traffic of pedestrians and cyclists

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