Five reasons to visit the new sea center of Burgas

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Burgas has a new city center - a natural continuation of the main street "Alexandrovska". From the elegant old building of the railway. the station that marks its end has a short alley. Two minutes past the buildings of the Maritime Administration - and you will see a small park to your right. The road to it is guarded by the Tower of the Lighthouse keeper. Built in 1903, the building is the historic entrance to the Port of Burgas. Today, everything after it is a zone of free public access. Right there is the new sea city center of Burgas. Here are some good reasons to visit it:

1. The sea in all its glory - especially if it is sunny. With the romantic landscapes with glarus, seagulls and their musical atmosphere, and if the weather is right - with fishermen with endless fishing rods. 

2. Restaurants - In the area is the cult "Dalyana", where the delicacies with a sea address are a religion. You will find it in the centuries-old "Magazia 1" - a former warehouse for cargo storage, today renovated and collecting interesting places, including the branch of the National Academy of Arts in Burgas. Those who are not among the lovers of seafood can choose between "The Pizza", "The Meat" and "The Coffee" - all with exceptional cuisine and panoramic sea views. More than tasty is "Dock 5" in the "Marina" hotel - again with wonderful sea views. There are two pearls for an elegant evening and a special occasion in the area. One is the Mediterranean restaurant "Salini" in Grand Hotel and SPA "Primoretz" with its culinary virtuoso - chef Krassimir Petrov. The other is located panoramic on the beach - "Neptun", with chef Kondeva, which on Sundays offers a great brunch.

3. The Congress Center - a place for exhibitions, concerts, attractions and research, recently opened. The beautiful and elegant white building perfectly matches the surroundings and offers opportunities for events of all kinds.

4. Sea hotels on the first line - "Marina" and Grand Hotel and SPA "Primoretz". While the first one has a more modern look and attract more business travelers, the second is a classic, smooth lines and dignified figure and a symbol of Burgas hospitality from 1959 until today. 

5. The Marine station- from which the ships depart for St. Anastasia island. After a short exciting sea voyage with one of them, a museum, a restaurant and even a certificate for an islander follow.

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