14 rules against the risk of infection with COVID-19 from our southern neighbor, which we should follow in Burgas

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1. Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds by rubbing the soap well into the skin❗

2. Stay at least 3-4 steps away from people showing cold symptoms❗

3. Cover your mouth and nose with a disposable towel while you sneeze or cough

If you do not have such a towel, use the inside of your elbow.

4. Avoid physical contact such as shaking hands and hugging

5. Do not touch your eyes, mouth or nose with your hands❗

6. Cancel or postpone your travels abroad❗

7. Stay at home for 14 days after returning from abroad❗

8. Ventilate frequently

9. Wash your clothes at 60 ° C-90 ° C with detergent❗

10. Clean frequently used surfaces such as door handles, lamp switches, sink faucets with water and detergent every day❗

11. If you have cold symptoms, avoid contact with people, especially the elderly and those with chronic diseases, and do not go out without wearing a mask❗

12. Do not share your personal belongings such as towels, for example❗

13. Drink enough fluids, maintain a balanced diet, pay attention to your sleep regime❗

14. If you are shaking, coughing and feel short of breath, go to a medical facility wearing a mask❗

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