Theater of the Senses will launch the "Water" Festival 2020

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This year's "Water" Festival of Contemporary Arts will start with an unusual sensory performance. The first chapter of the non-standard fourth edition of the event will take place in the period October 27-29. The host will again be the pool of the Youth Cultural Center.

The first event in the program is the performance "The Temple" of the Theater of the Senses - Sofia. It will provoke the Burgas audience with an unconventional approach to the spectator and a theatrical experience beyond the usual. The show "The Temple" is intended for one spectator. To immerse yourself in it you need to buy a ticket and make an appointment. Tickets are sold at the Ticket Office "The Clock" with reservation of a specific day and time. The price is BGN 15.

The next event in the Water 2020 program is DRIFT - an urban show by David Somlo, Hungary. It will take place on November 28. Next is RADIANT TIME - INSTALLATION in the Clock Tower of the station with the participation of Abel Korinski, Germany, "Dune" Dance Company and Maria Dacheva in the period 12-17 December.

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