"Burgas around me" is looking for the message of your photography

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The initiative "Burgas aroung me" gathers in exhibition photos of amateur and professional photographers from Burgas and the region. Traditionally it will be shown in Cultural Center "Sea Casino" on the 5th of December at 18.00 o'clock.

The deadline for sending the photos is 20th of November. You can send the photos on address: http://factor.bg/Burgas_exhib_20141205.php

Photos of any kind can participate - portraits, landscapes, reports and others - it is important that the image should tell interesting story for the citizens of Burgas, showing personal point of view to specific or important for Burgas places, people or events.  

The participation is not a contest. The only one selection will be make to sort the photos by technical criteria for printing in siza A3+ (33/48 cm). The selection will be make from representatives of Burgas photographer community.

The event received great interest and after the realized exhibitions we can see that the number of the participants is increasing. In the first edition of the exhibition in 2010 the photos was 53 and the last year 94 artists from Burgas wished to show their photo.  

* Everyone who wish to participate can receive free consultation about preparation of the photos for printing by Estetic Studio - Burgas, 1 "Patriarh Evtimii" str. and on telephone number 0896 679 121.



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