Cafes in Burgas, which can easily replace your office

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Do you know what they call the cafes that are suitable for business meetings and work? Coffice! They are the places that serve good coffee, have a good wi-fi connection and are quiet enough to take out your laptop and work.

We offer you a short list of coffices in Burgas, where you can successfully combine the pleasant with the useful:

-Coffee & Bar Karma is a cafe - cozy hidden between some of the best streets in Burgas and only 5 minutes from the center. Located between "Ferdinandova" and "Tsar Asen I" Streets, the cafe will welcome you with a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, suitable for work. You will be able to order not only a good coffee, but also various drinks - cappuccino, cold chocolate, macchiato, chocofredo, hazelnut-flavored frappe, delicious homemade lemonades to keep you in shape during the work process.

Address: 24 "Saglasie"Street

-Cafе-bookstore "EXLIBRIS" is a cafe-bookstore in the park, which invites people with a great atmosphere, free wi-fi and a relaxed atmosphere. This is an amazing place that combines a creative atmosphere, inimitable design, an own style and pleasant music! You will be fascinated by the attentive attitude to the client and you will feel at home, where you can undoubtedly work calmly and undisturbed.

Address: Sea Garden, in Expo-center "Flora"

-Those who are looking for a place for privacy, relaxation or just a place to focus, are welcome in Wake UP cafe. There some work, others read or drink delicious cappuccino and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. Steaming cup inspires of home coziness, and this is the secret of how to check off fast and enjoyable!


Address: 5 "Peyo Yavorov" Street

-HashtagSTUDIO is a wonderful place with a super fresh and original design. If you choose to work from there, you will absorb the creativity with which the restaurant was created, and the work tasks will certainly go faster and more enjoyable. You will be fascinated by light music, you can order a latte with coconut milk and work outside the office with all the conveniences of coffee.

Address: 1 "Aboba" Street

-City's Cafe is a great place, furnished with great taste, excellent service and quality of everything on offer. You will be able to work calmly and easily reject work tasks, and if you get hungry, City’s will take care of you with various delicacies - salads, cream soups, risotto with mushrooms, tagliatelle, as well as wonderful desserts.

Address: 52 "Stefan Stambolov" Street



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