The new Burgas Viber stickers are already here

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The second wave of funny stickers of Burgas from the summer of this year is very popular on Viber.

Only a month and a half after activating the package, they are already bringing mood to the chats of an entire army of users of the application. The various stickers with the favorite animated Burgas gull have been drawn by over 44,000 people in Bulgarian and 3,000 in English. The gull has "landed" in over 131,000 chats in Bulgarian and about 6,000 in English.

The Viber community of Burgas is also growing - nearly 31,000 people receive the most up-to-date information every day about everything interesting that happens in the city - cultural, sports and musical events.

* Get your Burgas Viber smile by downloading the stickers from:

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* Try the Burgas Summer Fun Stickers in English!

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