To raise white polar wolves

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Everyone knows the movie about Mowgli - the human child raised by wolves, but there is the opposite scenario of the movie. The team of Burgas Zoo managed to raise two white polar wolves on their own. A few days after their birth, the young lose their mother and have to be fully taken care of. This is followed by many sleepless nights and feeding every two hours with baby milk. A lot of effort has been put into making the little ones grow up strong and healthy.

Currently, the white polar wolves Amanda and Mariah are four and a half months old and cohabit with their father. They are extremely gentle, dedicated and friendly. They respond to care with a lot of love and a look full of gratitude and trust. They are proof that not only dogs can be man's best friends.

* Text and photos: Eleonora Dabova

Последна промяна: 14:09, 19 September 2020