5️ things which you can try in Burgas

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Burgas is full of all kinds of delicious offers and appetizing culinary temptations. That's why we decided to focus on the top 5 suggestions that you should not miss.

1️. Do you know which and why is the "The coolest Strandzhanka"? The one they will prepare for you in The BURGS. Go and try the symbol of the street food Weekend in Burgas. This delicacy goes great with a serving of french fries and beer.

2. Green beer! Does it sound quite unusual to you? Have you ever tried green beer? If you haven't, now is the time to enjoy it at the Brewery.

3️. The next location is Metalhead Brewery Why? Well, we are just sure that you will enjoy their cool offers as much as possible - tasting of kraft beer, Strandzhanka and BBQ meat specialties and many other temptations. And all this at an incredible location in the park.

4. Fast food "Mladost" have long been known for well-made Strandzhanka among the people of Burgas. And now they are joining the themed weekend with a promo by two Strandzhanki with a milk drink for those who want to satisfy their hunger before or after the beach.

5️. Did you know that St. Anastasia Island has not only a magical atmosphere, but also its unique beer with herbs ?! If you haven't tried it, we highly recommend you go on a boat adventure and try the incomparable beer on the spot!



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