Orlin Goranov and "Akaga" present in Burgas the show "Shared"

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Orlin Goranov and the band "Akaga" will appear on the stage of the Summer Theater in Burgas with their joint concert-performance "Shared". The elegant style, finesse and infinitely warm voice of Orlin Goranov will be combined with the funk sound of "Akaga", and the result will be a show at a high professional level. They will be in Burgas on September 24 at 8 pm, at the Summer Theater.

Fans will have the opportunity to hear Orlin Goranov's songs, presented with new arrangements and funk versions, as well as a combination of styles such as pop, jazz, funk, evergreen and classical music.

Tickets: "The Clock" cash desk, in front of "Bulgaria" hotel.

Последна промяна: 17:09, 16 September 2020