Charity ZooMarket with artists of Bulgaria to help animals

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Over 20 extremely talented Bulgarian artists from all over the country, selected by Lora Kasabova - manager of initiatives in "Give a Paw!" and Plovdiv gallery owner Bistra Stoycheva, stood behind a campaign aimed at changing the culture of animal welfare and welfare at the national level.

Behind the campaign is "Give a Paw!"- one of the oldest and largest networks of animal rescue platforms in Bulgaria, the organizers announced. With its projects, it fights ignorance, myths, low culture and lack of justice, as a result of which thousands of animals suffer and/or lose their lives every year.

That is why the team of the platform started with the organization of ZooMarket - a great online charity event, available to everyone with an Internet connection, no matter where in the world they are.

The event will take place on September 27 (Sunday), from 18:00 Bulgarian time through the Zoom platform. It will give guests the opportunity to get acquainted with the participating artists and the art, the purchase of which will support the "Give a Paw!" campaign! and will support the fight against violence against animals in Bulgaria.

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