The first literary tour of Burgas starts on September 5

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On September 5, Burgas will offer the city's first literary tour. It will start at 10:30 am from the yard of the house-museum "Petya Dubarova". The participants will get acquainted with symbolic places and stories about Burgas, which have left a deep mark in the native literature.
The literary adventure will pass through several emblematic locations for Burgas - Petya Dubarova House Museum, Bulgarian Food Safety Agency, Stefan Tinterov Memorial Plaque, Writers' House and Peyo Yavorov Regional Library.
And to make the experience even more intense, the guide of the walk is the charismatic Dobrina Topalova, who not only knows how to write well, but also has enviable knowledge related to the history of Burgas literature.
And cities, as people have their past and future, collect memories of future generations. Some have long been forgotten, others insist on being told. Only the houses silently keep the memories of their inhabitants. Whichever one you stop in front of, it will always tell you an interesting and fascinating story.
Driven by the desire to introduce you to some of them, we will take you on a walk through places and homes where those citizens of Burgas were born or lived, whose words have left indelible traces in the literary history of our seaside town.
We offer an exciting journey through familiar and unfamiliar streets to bring back the memory of those of our fellow citizens whose fresh thought, talent and inspiration gave birth to and preserved the literary spirit of Burgas.

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