Book your holiday in Burgas and you will be able to enjoy your dream summer vacation.

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Whether you are coming for a relaxing holiday, or as someone who wants to have fun at crazy parties, you will find everything you are looking for... and much more.

 Burgas at the end of summer is like an oasis in the middle of the desert - long-awaited, liberating, inspiring! With endless beaches, free umbrellas, cozy beach bars, delicious seafood, #Burgas will give you a lot of positivism and sunny energy.

 The sea is a magnet for good, for beauty, for harmony and balance. When you arrive in the Burgas Bay, you will feel these words with full force - you will forget about the problems and everything that worries you. As the waves come and go, so the problems disappear on the Burgas coast and you will be able to rest and "recharge your batteries". And when the holiday is over, you won't want to leave.

Burgas loves party people. Here you will find a synergy of sunny beach, refreshing cocktails, beach party with great company! By the sea the nights are hot and full of many dances. There is no evening without an event where you can have fun until dawn. The rich program is a guarantee that your summer vacation will turn into a crazy party. Burgas ’20 is exciting and will leave unforgettable memories in your mind.

Burgas is an attractive destination for people who like to feel the timelessness on the beach or under the trees in the park, in the company of an interesting book. The Burgas districts of Kraimorie and Sarafovo offer this opportunity for a vacation. They are located along the coast, only 10 km from the heart of the city. Modern public transport serves regular lines to the neighborhoods, and a special bike lane has been built for cyclists connecting the two points along the coast. Kraimorie and Sarafovo offer a variety of both small family hotels and guest apartments.

 Burgas is the sea sports capital of Bulgaria. If you like surfing, kiting, jet skiing, sailing by yacht or kayak, diving or paragliding, you are in the right place. Swimming pools and gyms offer additional sports opportunities. Burgas is known for the longest bicycle lane in the country of nearly 60 km, passing the coast from end to end.

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