Do you believe in mythological creatures? Immerse yourself in one of the beautiful legends of Aquae calidae

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Today we decided to tell you one of the beautiful legends about Aquae Calidae.

In Greek mythology, the beautiful and seductive Nymphs were the patrons of the springs and all nature. The number of descendants of Oceans and Tethys exceeded 3000. The poet Hesiod (8-7 century BC) claims that no one is able to list their names. Some of them were guardians of salty waters – they were called Oceanids. Others watched over the sweet waters - they were called "Naiady". It was believed that the streams guarded by them had healing powers, and they often donated eternal youth and immortality.

The legend tells that three of these Nymphs were guardians of the healing springs near the ancient city of Aquae Calidae – in translation: hot water. The maidens sinned, they have not kept the purity, and the angry gods petrified them.

Already in the first millennium BC, the sanctuary of the Three Nymphs to the hot mineral spring was a sacred place for the Thracians. For centuries, people from different nations and countries of the then-world were attracted by its extraordinary power.


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